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.io Domains: What it’s all about.

Posted on June 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

.io Domains have been becoming more and more popular over the years, it is being used by many companies because it enables the owner to target specific geographical audiences instead of specifying the website to one area like a .com domain would do.

It is a good idea to use this type of domain if you are planning to do some tricky things with your website, one great perk of choosing this type of domain is that there are a whole lot of great, descriptive dictionary words available. It is, however a risky investment as the price for such a name is very, very high, we are talking about around $32.88 per year. Although, if you create a good, catchy name, you could sell your domain for a very hefty price and make a great profit. If you are planning to create a website with this type of domain, it is a a good name for a tech-centered website.

After looking at many projects with the .io domain, I came to a conclusion that they are all very well done, designed with time and care for the smallest details, and that they seem to be very neat and focused on a single idea, or goal.

A .io or a .com name?

I believe it is always a good idea to go for a .io if you want a short, yet descriptive domain name: It is better to have, for example, angling.io than to have catchingfishsports.com.

One disadvantage is that most people are used to .com instead of other types of domains: Many people could have the habit of typing .com with the name instead of .io or .net. For example, when I want to visit a website (codepen.io) I type in codepen.com instead of .io as I am used to websites having the .com domain. Due to this it is probably safer to use .io if you are targeting a tech-related audience.

Another BIG disadvantage: .com Generally tends to appear more in searches when navigating with the address bar, like most people do. So if you are planning to use .io, or anything other than .com, try to create your name in terms of SEO and you should be fine.

Here are a few examples of some beautifully designed websites using .io:

ansr.io ; apis.io ; apprentice.io and avatars.io

As you can see, these websites are not only beautifully designed, but they also have short, descriptive, and simple names.

Personally I love the idea of using .io for a startup:

Let’s just sum up this article for you:

What is a .io?: It is a type of domain name just like .net or .com, etc.

What is it used for?: It is generally used for websites and startups that are tech-related.

Why is it a good idea?: There are many short, descriptive names still available.

Any disadvantages?: Most people always assume a site uses .com and it is less likely to be displayed than a .com name.

Would you recommend Cheap IO Domains?: Yes, I most definitely would!