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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Southeast Sport Festival?

Thirty states throughout the nation currently conduct State Games events. Modeled after the Olympic Games, these events are designed to provide amateur athletes with the incentive to train and participate in a statewide multi-sport event annually. Each State Games program is organized by an independent organization within that state and are members of the National Congress of State Games (NCSG).

In 2004, the State Games of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and North Carolina came together to discuss the concept of a regional multi-sport festival. Each state recognized the importance and value of providing athletes with the opportunity to advance to another level and showcase their talents on a regional playing field. From this discussion, the Southeast Sports Festival was born

Who Can Compete?

The 2010 Southeast Sports Festival offers Individuals and teams that participate in their local 2010 National Congress of State Games sport event (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina and Virginia) the opportunity to compete against State Games participants from those states. The following states have also been granted provisional permission to participate in the 2010 Southeast Sports Festival (Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia).

How do I become eligible? By participating in any sport in your local 2010 Winter or Summer State Games sport event, individuals and teams are eligible to compete in the 2010 Southeast Sports Festival. Visit cheapiodomains.com for more information.

Do I have to finish in a certain place or achieve a specific score in my local games?

No, All participants are eligible regardless of their performance or placement at their local State Games sport event.

What if my state does not offer one of the regional sports?

Athletes from states that currently do not offer one of the sports being offered at the Southeast Sports Festival have been granted permission to enter the Southeast Sports Festival.

Do I have to compete in the same sport at the regional games as I did in my local games?

No, competitors may participate in a different sport at the regional games then the one they participated in their local state games.

Will other sports be added to future Southeast Sports Festivals?

The Southeast Sports Festival is managed by a Regional Council of representatives from each of the following states (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC and VA). The Council considered all sports that were offered in each of the National Congress of State Games programs in the region. The Council selected eight sports for the event. After the Festival, all sports will be reconsidered for the next Southeast Sports Festival.

In determining the addition of a new sport the Regional Council considers the following items:


  • * Current level of interest and participation numbers for the sport within each State Games Program in the Southeast.
  • * Proven record and number of athletes in the sport who travel to attend regional and or national competitions.
  • * Availability of qualified volunteer personnel to plan, organize, and conduct a quality event.
  • * Free avenues for promoting the sport in the Southeast Sports Festival.
  • * The sport can financial support itself in the Southeast Sports Festival.



An individual who possesses the leadership, practical skills and has the resources to plan, organize and conduct the sport can be sent the New Sport Consideration Application Form.

How Do I Register?

To enter the Southeast Sports Festival, carefully read the information concerning your specific sport of interest and the entry deadline, then refer to the registration link on the website for step by step registration instructions. Athletes may compete in any number of sports, yet conflicts in scheduling are the responsibility of the athlete. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, and certain events could close prior to the deadline based on entries.

Do I have to provide Proof of Age?

Proof of age is required. Copies of Birth Certificate, Military I.D. and/or driver’s license are acceptable proof-of-age documents. Do not mail or hand-deliver any proof-of-age documents to the Southeast Sports Festival. The coach/participant should have proof-of-age document on hand at the event site. In case of eligibility disputes, lack of proper documentation may result in disqualification of individual participants and/or the team.

What are the Registration Fees and what about the Refund Policy?

Each sport has its own entry fee requirements. Consult the appropriate sport section for entry fee amounts.

What about inclement weather?

In case of inclement weather, report to your designated sport facility at the scheduled time for competition updates. Each sport may have a designated host hotel, which may serve as an alternate site for competition updates in case of inclement weather. Designated areas can be found in the sport information or will be determined at the mandatory coaches meeting for your sport. Though the Games Headquarters will remain updated of any changes in schedule, all “official” rescheduling will take place at the sport venue or designated location.

The Southeast Sports Festival is not responsible for changes to the event program, postponements or cancellations due to inclement weather or other circumstances beyond our control. In the event of inclement weather, every effort will be made to complete all games and events as scheduled. However, the Southeast Sports Festival reserves the right to change the schedule or format of the competition, postpone events or cancel events due to inclement weather. No refunds will be given as a result of these circumstances.

What about Refund Policy and Weather Issues?

There will be NO REFUNDS of entry fees because of rain or other acts of nature, or if an athlete or team fails to participate. Sports using outdoor sites are weather dependent. Competitions will be conducted unless Southeast Sports Festival officials determine otherwise, or if the playing fields would incur significant damage.

What about Returned Checks?

It is the Southeast Sports Festival’s policy to charge a $30 service fee for returned checks in addition to the amount of the original check. The applicant will only be able to participate when the entry fee and bank charge have been paid.

What about Insurance Coverage?

Insurance is the responsibility of each participant. In some instances, the National Governing Body (NGB’s), which sanctions an event, may have secondary coverage. In the event of an emergency, injury or illness, medical aid will be available. Competition preparation, such as taping, is the responsibility of the participant.

Does the Southeast Sports Festival provide Housing and Food?

Athletes and coaches are responsible for their own housing and food. Arrangements are being made with area hotels and motels for a special athletic rate for participants in the Southeast Sports Festival, refer to the hotels link section on the webpage. Please advise the hotel/motel you are part of the Southeast Sports Festival and wish to receive the special athletic rate. Be sure to call before the cut-off dates

What uniform should I wear?

All contestants must comply with uniform requirement of their sport. The Southeast Sports Festival reserves the right to disqualify any participant whose uniform is thought to negatively affect the Games.

What behavior is expected?

Participation in the Southeast Sports Festival as an athlete, coach, parent or spectator is a privilege that can be revoked for inappropriate behavior. We expect everyone to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner or be subject to ejection from the playing and spectator area.

How are disputes handled?

Judgement calls made by officials are final. No video camera appeals are allowed. Action taken against athletes and/or coaches who are proven to be in violation of the framework and/or rules of the sports in which they are participating shall be determined by a Protest Committee; consisting of the Tournament Director and/or Sport Commissioner, and the Southeast Regional Council. Decisions made by the Protest Committee having immediate impact on the competition are final and will not be subject to appeal. Any decision made by the Protest Committee regarding future sanctions or penalties against a team or individual may be appealed in writing to the Southeast Sports Festival Regional Council. The protest will be addressed at a subsequent meeting of the Regional Council. In the event that rules governing player/coach eligibility, behavior and/or conduct are violated, the following sanctions may be applied:

  • 1st violation – Forfeiture of all games played and medals won
  • 2nd violation – One-year suspension from competition
  • 3rd violation – Indefinite suspension from competition